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Devriendt Farm Products

We grow everything during the Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons

Devriendt Farm Stand & Nursery 8/8/2022


The greenhouses, nursery and farm stand are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm.

The Ice Cream Stand will be open from 11 am to 9 pm daily.  

We are picking our own Sweet Corn!!  We also have available our own tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, lettuces, radishes, swiss chard, summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, melons, cut flowers, sunflowers and more!  We have Native NH Blueberries from Berry Good Farm right here in Goffstown and for a limited time Wild NH Blueberries from Geddes Farm in Gilmanton, NH.  Back by popular demand is Goffstown's own McDougall Farm fresh frozen beef products and from Grant Family Farm in Weare fresh eggs and Maple Syrup products.  We also have available red potatoes, russett potatoes, sweet potatoes, vidalia onions, red onions and spanish onions as well as garlic, lemons, limes and celery.  We will be adding other items as they ripen in the fields!

We still have lots of plants!!  Plenty of perennials to add to your gardens.  We have over 10 varieties of day lillies now blooming.   We custom plant pots if you have a specific request and the plants are available here for us to use.  We have bagged manure and peat moss.  Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help if you need it.  Hope to see you soon :)

PYO STRAWBERRIES--   is CLOSED for the 2022 season.  Thank you to all who came up to pick, we appreciate your continued support.  We will continue to pick what we can for the farm stand daily till we can't pick no more!!

Ice Cream Stand  is open for the season.  We will be open from 11am to 9pm daily.  Please see the Ice Cream Shoppe tab on the right for our flavor board and more details on what we are serving!

PYO Pumpkins--at our 47 Story Road location is CLOSED for the season.  

Thank you to all who did make it up to choose your pumpkins.   NEW FOR THE 2022 SEASON at the PYO field will be our very first corn maze.  Stay tuned for more information!

We have gift certificates available.  Please keep in mind that gift certificates purchased for the farm and nursery CANNOT be used at the ice cream stand and vice versa due to Rooms & Meals taxes collected on the ice cream side of the farm.  Gift certificates for ice cream must be made separately at the ice cream stand.

We accept cash, local checks, credit/debit cards (Mastercard & Visa only) on the farm side ONLY.  Due to fees associated with accepting these cards, we have a $10 minimum purchase requirement when using these cards.  Thank you for your understanding.